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NPLD currently has the following computers for patron use:

  • Public Access Computers - providing access to the library catalog, the Internet, Online Databases, and CD-ROM products.
  • Laptop Computers for word processing.
  • Desktop Computers for word processing.

Equipment and Computer Use Policy
The Library reserves the right to limit, refuse, and/or ban any patron from using the library computers. (See Guidelines for Computer Use)

Usage is on a “first come, first served" basis and is limited to one-half (1/2) hour blocks when others are waiting.

Copyright laws forbid duplication of copyrighted software. The Library may restrict the use of personal software on library computers. Library software shall not be copied and must be returned to the circulation desk before use of another software product.

There is a charge for each data disk purchased from the library and a charge per page for printouts from a library computer.

The Internet Access Policy (see below) and any utilization policies will be posted at the Internet computers.

Internet Access Policy
Internet access is available on selected public terminals for all users of the Nippersink Library. Access to the Internet is compatible with the Children's Internet Protection ACT (CIPA) signed into law December 2000 and upheld by the United States Supreme Court in June of 2003.  The Nippersink Library Board of Trustees passed the following motion on December 9, 2003: The Nippersink Library will filter all computers, including staff terminals, with the ability to temporarily disable the filters, should that be requested for legitimate research purposes, in accordance with CIPA.

The Internet allows users to connect to networks of resources outside the library. The Nippersink Library has no control over these resources nor does the library have complete knowledge of what is on the Internet. Information on the Internet may be reliable and current or it may be inaccurate, out-of-date, or unavailable at times. Some content may be offensive.  Because library filters are not 100% effective, library users access the Internet at their own discretion. Staff will assist patrons with the Internet use as time permits but cannot offer personal instruction. Formal instruction or information on Internet may be offered by the library at designated times. Nippersink Library is bound by an agreement with its Internet provider. This agreement prohibits any unlawful use of the Internet and prohibits personal logins.

The library will not provide disks or accept disks for downloading information from the Internet. Downloading information from a website onto the hard drive of the library's computer is prohibited.

Information and resources on the Internet enhance those already held in the library and often go beyond what is locally available. Users are encouraged to take advantage of the Internet and to exercise good judgment and discretion in their use of it. Books about the Internet are available in the library's material collection.

Rules for Using the Public Access Computers

The following rules are strictly enforced by the library:

  • Patrons will be held to a 1/2 hour limit on computer use when other patrons are waiting to use the computers.
  • Personal disks, CD's, etc. are not to be used in Public Access Computer's except at the two Gates computers (one downstairs, one upstairs).

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